What is it ?

Luxtural is a new all natural, luxury skin care line created by Pnina Vilinsky. The main ingredient in all its products is pure Pacific ocean rain water that is gathered before touching the earth, so it is naturally free of harsh chemicals and contaminants. The other ingredients include extracts and essential oils from naturally grown and harvested plants, fruits and flowers that have beneficial anti aging effect on the skin. All Luxtural products are free from mineral oils, parabens, glycerin, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and other elements that might be either harmful to the skin or to the environment.

Products :

The line makes three products.

Mystique Fountain ($78) : Facial Deep Hydrating Rainy Mist
Sophisticated Veil ($186) : Facial Anti aging Skin Moisturizing Serum
Silk Premonition ($150) : Facial Deep Hydrating Anti Aging Lotion

My Experience :

The moment I read that water was its base ingredient , I was sold. The fact that its all natural and green only made me want to try this line even more. The clinical studies of this product state that the products increased the hydration level of skin by a maximum of 180% within the first five minutes and tat there was a visual improvement of 50% in the same 5 minutes.

To tell the truth I wasn't very much surprised about the clinical results, after using the Luxtural products. The moment I got it, I tested it out on a small portion of my hand and I could immediately see the hydration it provided. The other half of my hand looked visibly dull and dehydrated compared to the part where I had applied Luxtural. I was very impressed by this because I wasn't even feeling dry in the first place !

The Silk Premonition is my most favorite product of all the three because it is very light yet deeply hydrating. It gets absorbed in seconds leaving nothing other than a super soft feeling and a light refreshing scent. The scent is the same in all its products - a very natural smelling, faint scent.

The Mystique foundation is a very useful multifunctional product. It can be used as a toner under moisturizer, a refreshing spray or as a spray to set your makeup !

Overall I have had a very good experience with this line. The only downside is that its sure to leave a dent in the wallet but hopefully it will also leave us feeling and looking like a million bucks ! Read more on Luxtural here

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