The first thing that attracted me to Susan Posnick products were its multifunctionality. They only make six kinds of products other than their accessories and every one of them multi tasks !


An eyeshadow and an eyeliner in one compact pencil ! It almost reminds me of elementary school when I loved my pencils that came with an eraser. Guess I've always loved 2 in 1 products.
The shadow and the liner come in complimenting colors and are available in 8 different shades.

The eyeshadow packs color on your lid without overdoing it. It does not spill on your lids instead flows steadily through the sponge. Three to four swipes should be enough to add some color to your lids. The eyeliner is shades like a slab instead of the regular cylinder. This helps with the application along the lash line and the waterline all at the same time !


A long lasting lip color on one side and a tinted plumping conditioner on the other.
Just like most long lasting lip products the lip color is sticky in a way that ti sticks to your lips. Applying the conditioner over it makes it better but doesn't take away the sticky feeling. The color does stay on for most part of the day with a couple of applications of the conditioner. I tried the color Tina - a color that both me and my mom could wear without it looking out of place on any of us !

COLOR ME ($32) :

I cant decide if this or Color Eye Define is my most favorite product. I am a blush person. I love my blushes but carrying them in my purse requires carrying a fat kabuki / blush brush and a cover for my brushes so they don't get dirty and put them all in a Ziploc so they don't ruin my purse . At last I am relived of all these duties. The Color Me is a loose powder blush that comes in a tiny jar. The jar also comes with a self dispensing puff so no more brushes / brush guards needed ! And if you don't like the puff, you can always unscrew the puff part and use your own blush brush.

Color Me Blushes are available in seven colors ranging from corals, soft pinks, reds and wines. I tried Camelia - a peach pink with subtle shimmer inspired by Nicole Kidman and Lotus Sun - a very very soft coral with gold and silver shimmer inspired by Charlize Theron. I love Lotus sun - it can be worn anywhere and everywhere with any outfit !

COLOR FLO ( $64):

A fine milled mineral foundation that comes in a self dispensing refillable pack. If you are looking for a great sheer to medium coverage foundation for touch ups then this is the one for you. The powder is silky soft and blends smoothly into my skin. I loved the feel of it. It does not exxagerate dry spots like many other powders. The best part is it comes with SPF 26 ! Though I've read about SPF not being every effective in foundations I am always glad to see it as a reinforcement over my moisturizer with SPF. That is in addition to the goodness of Vitamin A and E that is found in all of Susan Posnick's products.

Unfortunately I got a color which is about 5 shades darker than my skin color :( I must have gotten M4 or M5 which ever is more yellowy instead I got M10 thinking bronze would be my color. LOL ! The foundation is great but I don't know if one would want to shell out $64 for it.

Overall , I think Susan Posnick products can easily be dubbed as Girl on the Go Products. Its everything a modern woman (who has no time to do herself up in the mornings) needs to look her best to face the day ! They are expensive but given that they are often two products it works out well. Another awesome product I am dying to try are their Color Coated tubes - colored mascara and brow gel - in one tube !!! Got to love that one !

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