Seriously, do we need anymore telling on how S.E.X.Y dark lips can be ?
Its winter folks , the time of the year women wait for so they could bring out all their dark lippies. Now is the time to flaunt it !

But how do you do it ? Let me give you all the scoop on how and what products to use to achieve this look. But before that, a lil girl to girl talk.


I'll tell you my story and hopefully a few of you will be able to relate to it. I have always been the first among my friends to try out any trend. But when I wanted to try dark lips, I don't think I was mentally ready to see how it looked on me. I cant tell you how many lipsticks I bought and returned thinking they dint look good on me, while the fact of the matter is that I was just not used to seeing me with such lip colors. It wasn't just me, but because I wasn't so confident , my friends also thought it wasn't the best look for me. Well, not anymore !

So, the moral of the story is this. It will look different and you must keep yourself open to embrace the difference. Once you are mentally ready and confident about your look, everything else should be a breeze !


Lets start with the face. Since lips are going to be the center of attention, we need to keep everything else clean and simple. Clean translates to concealer and tinted moisturizer. Hide those dark circles and any blemishes with concealer and use a tinted moisturizer to keep your face looking naturally fresh. Skip on the blush but if you are addicted to blush like I am, dust a natural looking color ever so gently on the apples of your cheeks.


I'm getting to just that. Only mascara should do, but if you would like, you can add a touch of eyeliner along your upper lash line. If you wanna go a lil bolder use black liner along your lower waterline. But keep it thin so it doesn't look all Gothic.

If not black, go gold for a more refined look. Some gold eyeliner/shadow along lower / upper lash line or on the inner corners of the eye, should do the trick.


Finally we get to the queen of the ball - the lips. I see you already have the lipstick in your hand. Great, but unfortunately that's not the next step. So, hang in there we'll get to it very soon . First check for any ridges / dryness on your lips. If you find any exfoliate your lips with some brown sugar or a lip scrub to get rid of the dry skin. apply a very thin layer of lip balm or chap stick to keep them moisturized.

Now that you have the smooth lips, lets talk about what you want to do with your lips. If you are just starting out and want to keep it subtly dark use a lip tint in a dark but sheer color like Julie Hewett Cheekie in Vampie ( Isn't the name so cute!!!).

Vampie comes in a never ending pot just like all other cheekies from Julie Hewett. Remember Bette ? Bette dint look that great on my cheeks but Vampie is brilliant. It is bold and sexy ! I am sure that almost any one with any skin tone will look great with it. You will probably just differ in the amount you use but overall a universally flattering color. Apply it with the cheekie brush, a flat top brush or do it my way - use your fingers.

But if you really want to embrace the trend go for the dark opaque lipstick like Sin Noir from Julie Hewett

Sin Noir is a sinfully dark opaque lipstick from Julie Hewett's Noir Collection. Just like all other Noir lipsticks, this one is matte but without the drying effect. It is extremely well pigmented and stays on for long time. The color is a red with more than a hint of aubergine and wine making it a complex, one of a kind color. It is elegant, classy and everything you need to look great in your LBD this winter.

Hopefully, I have managed to convince you on the beauty of this trend. If not, then probably a giveaway will change your mind ? Stay tuned I have an awesome GIVEAWAY coming up very soon ....on the same lines as this post ;)

Indian Girl


Bella said... @ December 9, 2008 at 3:40 AM

Love the dark lip look!!!
Today I am actually wearing a really deep color from Wet'n"Wild (Blackberry) and I love it.

Careful though! This needs constant retouching, unless you want to look like you ate really bad ice cream!!!

Nikita2471 said... @ December 9, 2008 at 4:44 AM

I am a big fan of darker lips. I really don't like the whole pink/light color lip craze that I've seen for a long time now. I've purchased several of the darker color NYX round lipsticks which I plan on mixing with a lighter color on my lips to get the perfect vampy color.

Mugdha said... @ December 9, 2008 at 6:23 PM

Girl!!! What did you do??? Now I'm actually convinced to pull out all my darker lipsticks which were tucked away!!

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