This nifty little pot gave me the softest lips that no big bottle or tube ever has !

The Almond Cocoa Lip Scrub from Green by Nature is such a savior in this dry, cold weather. For some one who loves lipsticks, my lips torture me by breaking every other day and keeping me from wearing my lovely lippies.

Well, not anymore. All I have to do is take a tiny amount of this lip scrub, rub it over my lips for 30 seconds or so and wash it off ! I'll have my perfectly conditioned lips back ! The scrub removes all the dead skin and rough ridges leaving a soft moisturized lips that are ready for some red lipstick ! Besides this it is 98.2 % natural so I know I am not putting anything harmful on my lips.

My lips have met its match and they are gonna be together forever ! Get your lips matched here.

Indian Girl


Anonymous said... @ January 21, 2011 at 12:30 PM

You can get soft, luscious lips using massaging your lips with the Baiden Mitten. It also exfoliates the lips leaving them soft and colorful!

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