I have been and will always be a big fan of Drugstore shampoos and conditioners. Thanks to good genes, I have good hair. I don't really need out of the world, expensive products to make it look presentable. Through the years I have tried almost every drugstore shampoo and conditioner ever since I heard Javed Habib, Indian Hair Guru preach the importance of changing one's hair products once every 3 to 4 months. Given all that, not everything was hit....some were huge hits , some were a completely mess. Some combos were awesome ( Pantene Shine Shampoo + Revlon Balsam Conditioner)and some just plain bad ( Herbal Essence Shampoo + John Frieda Conditioner).

In this never ending journey, I recently came across Loreal Vive Pro. I tried Loreal Vive around 11/2 or 2 years back and I hated it. It was in a white and green bottle with a citrus smell to it. So when I got this , I really dint know what to expect. I tried it out with an open mind not bothering to judge it because of my experience with its poor green cousin.

In all honesty this one's nothing like the old Vive. Its pink in color and reminds me of the pink Sun silk I used as a kid. Its a got a pleasant rose- like smell to it. I used the Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Shampoo with the Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Conditioning Treatment and this combo passed the test with flying colors ! What test was it ? Well, my hair becomes dry with a lot of shampoos and conditioner unless I massage my hair with oil before washing it. Another thing that dries my hair out is blow drying it. So, every shampoo I get, I test it without oiling my hair and blow drying it later to see if it dries my hair out. If it does it goes to the trash can. If not its up on my bathroom shelf ! This shampoo sits proudly on the shelf and gets used every weekend ! The shampoo thoroughly cleans my long hair and the conditioning gloss keeps it from getting tangled. They together keep my hair soft and manageable.

If you are a fan of drugstore shampoos and conditioners, pick these up the next time you are wandering along the lanes of CVS / Walgreens . It may not give you the Jennifer Aniston /Sonali Bendre kinda hair, but am sure you'll like what it does. Read more on Vive Pro here

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