A perfect peachy sheen on your cheeks - that exactly what Coral Waterlily brings. I am a big fan of apricot/ peachy blushes. I like pink too but I think peach makes you look innocent and sexy at the same time.

Check out Mischa in this pic , doesn't she look pretty ! Well check out her cheeks - that's the same effect I get with Coral Waterlily and I love it !

Just dab a little bit of Coral Waterlily on the apples of your cheeks with your fingers and blend it towards your ears for a fresh, natural look. You can also use it on your lips. I love using this amazing color on both my cheeks and lips at the same time. My lips turn into this juicy natural looking peachy color that I cant get enough of ! My look for the past week has been little powder all over my face, bronzer under the cheek bones and on the bridge of my nose, coral waterlily on my cheeks and lips. I cant tell you how many compliments I've been getting ! I sure love the attention !

If there is one cream blush I will ask you to invest in right now - this will be it. I cant wait to try their Pink Hyacinth. It has been getting a lot of positive attention from the beauty experts at Allure !

Find more on watercolours here. Have your picked up your watercolour yet?

Indian Girl


Mukho said... @ October 7, 2008 at 10:25 AM

Hey girrrrrrrrlllll....
What a great start to the day to hear from u!!! :) :) :)
Update on my current location and status: Holidaying at my inlaws' place in Ranchi, beautiful weather, totally into the "Durga Puja" spirit, the best time of the year for us bongs :D
Lots and lots of new make up fresh from the United States, courtesy hubby's official trip, including, (Hallelujah!) my very first cache of mineral make up. Falling in love everyday!!
Will post soon, right now dealing with travel, after that shift of residence, followed by a trip to Mali. Thats right, not Bali, Mali!
Its an international conference on climate change.
Life's pretty full, I'm still trying to work around hubby's ban on full face shots, so lets see what works out!
Keep writing :)
Lots of love,

An Indian's makeup musings said... @ October 8, 2008 at 11:42 PM

Hey Mukho darlin,
Have fun !! Eat a couple of more sweets on my behalf pleaseee....I miss em ! Cant wait to hear about your makeup loot !
Wow Mali !!! I soooo envy you. Arnt these conferences great...work and pleasure and its usually all sponsored !
Could you pass me your email id, please?

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