Pur Minerals says this mascara will lengthen , thicken and curl - And I say...YES IT DOES !
My everyday mascara for a long time has been Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara because it gave me a decent length, and did not feel heavy on my eyes. I am big on the heavy part, I cant stand mascara that makes me feel like I have a 10 pound load on my lashes. After Lash Blast came I used it over my Clinique to give a little lift at the roots for my super droopy lashes. But I don't have to go through the double trouble thing anymore !

These pictures will tell you why I like this mascara from Pur Minerals so much.

It lengthens very, very well , adds some thickness and curls like a maniac ! I did not use an eyelash curler ! Can you believe it ! This mascara not only gave me lid touching length but also held the curl it created, all day long with zero clumps. A lot of lengthening mascaras tend to add a weird fiber like length but not this one. It makes my lashes look naturally long and feather like. Plus though the wand looks very normal, it magically gets hold of my tiny hard to reach lashes and gives them a lift along with the rest. See in the pic, how my inner most tiny lashes are shown too ...that's what am talking about.

Those of you who like your lashes very thick might want to add around three coats, I stuck to two because I like long, medium thick lashes. A coat or two more will give you a lot more thickness without clumping. The formula is pretty thin and I think that is why it holds curl, does not clump your lashes and feels so light.

What can I say, I cant stop batting my lashes !

You can buy the Pur Minerals Mascara at Ulta or here on their website

Edit : It was great as long as it lasted. But in 2 weeks, the mascara clumped up and was no more useful :(

Indian Girl


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