My best friend has some of the softest hands on earth. Her secret - baby oil. She rubs it all over her face and body before shower and comes out looking and feeling super soft. Unfortunately the baby oil did not work its magic on me. I tried using it many times but it did absolutely nothing to my skin. So, I tried out Vitamin E oil. Though I knew its great for the skin, the heavy feeling it left on my face hardly made me use it.

And then I discovered Olivella ! Made in Italy, this light moisturizer is made from pure olive oil. We all have heard the benefits of olive oil for our skin over and over but this product takes it further by infusing it with lot of other pure natural oils. The ingredient list on it is so small and is consists of - olive oil, fruit oil, orange oil, lavender, Vitamin E, A . Doesn't that make you feel great that you are using all natural products on your face. Its like a ready made mix of some of the best oils for your skin !

To use the product, wash you face and lightly pat dry it so you still have some droplets left on your face. Now take a teeny bit of the oil, spread it on your face. The water helps better absorb the oil. I would recommend using this as a part of night time regime. You will wake up to a face as soft as butter !

Read more on Olivella here. You can buy Olivella on QVC or at Drugstore.com

Indian Girl


Rupa said... @ October 9, 2008 at 10:27 PM

Am on the look out for a moisturizer now...Any idea if this is available in India?

An Indian's makeup musings said... @ October 9, 2008 at 10:28 PM

Hi Rupa,
I am sure if they sell this in India directly but I think you get it shipped internationally. Check out those websites, they could be helpful.
I will see what I can find out :)

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