MLAB is a luxurious anti aging line from Milbar Laboratories, a global leader in cosmeceutical development for the past 25 years. The products in this line are a result of years of research to bring out formulations that provide spectacular results on your skin.

What makes M LAB so fabulous is the percentage of active ingredients in each of its products. Most anti aging formulations in the market have around 20 % active ingredients but MLAB products have more than 61 % ! The high percentage of these active ingredients have proven to provide solutions for all problems associated with aging skin from fine lines, wrinkles, skin discolorations, uneven skin tone, skin texture changes, under eye circles and sagging skin.

All products in the MLAB line are dermatologic tested to ensure that they are allergy free , irritation free and suitable for all skin types.

Though I don't really need any anti aging right now, I wanted to try this line so I could bring it to you guys. A lot readers write to me looking for recommendations on anti aging products , products to control blemishes, to reduce uneven tones and this is one line that has answers on all these issues. It is always better to invest in a line that has solutions to all your needs because the products are designed to work by complimenting each other. So, if you or any one you know are looking to start an anti aging regime I would advice you to go for a line that is complete in its products.

I tried out MLAB's Anti Aging Cleanser. The best thing about the cleanser is that it is wonderfully moisturizing ! Its almost like using a moisturizer to clean my face but it magically sucks out all the dirt and leaves me feeling soft and clean. Its a pretty big bottle and should last a long time given that you hardly need a pea sized amount for your whole face and neck. The black packaging is tres sophisticated and looks majestic on my shelf . I almost have nothing negative to say about the cleanser. I have been using it for almost two weeks now and still cant find anything wrong with it. I love that it keeps my skin so supple and soft because a drying cleanser is one thing I don't want for the winter.

The best way to try MLAB products would be to get their travel collection. It consists of

anti-aging cleanser (50mL),
anti-aging toner (50mL),
anti-aging treatment cream (15mL),
anti-aging treatment serum (5mL),
anti-aging day treatment SPF 15 (15mL)
anti-aging eye cream (3mL), all for only $130.

This would be a great way to introduce yourself , your mom or your friends to this line. The fact that the packaging is so sophisticated and the products suitable for all skin types, makes for a great gift this Christmas.

Read more on MLAB here

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