If you have been noticing you'll see that I have been trying to introduce a lot of good organic and natural products to all you beautiful women while educating myself on them. This is because I truly believe nature has some of the best answers. There is a great joy that comes from using natural products, be it the wonderful scent or the incredible effect it has on one's skin and body. One such amazing line that uses some of the best organically grown ingredients is John Masters Organics.

I recently tried a small sample of their Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk. I initially thought it was a body cleansing milk but thank God I read the instructions before I went into the shower. It clearly mentioned that it had to be used after shower for moisturizing your body.

The consistency of the product is like a thin lotion and because of this it spreads easily all over your body. Even before I was done with my hand I could feel it disappearing into the skin on my arms. The lotion gets absorbed within minutes leaving no sticky or oily feeling. I LOVED THIS FEELING ! It was Monday night and I got out of my shower all moisturized and sat watching Brothers and Sisters online. But seriously I couldn't concentrate on my favorite show because I could not stop obsessing over how soft my skin felt. Even the hair on my skin was softer and the scent of vanilla with a hint of orange was just so hmmmmm.....

What was even better was waking up the next morning, feeling just as soft and still being able to smell the light scent !

For $18 this 8 fl. oz bottle is worth every last drop. I feel terrible my sample is almost over. It was meant for only one or two uses. I cant wait to get the full size bottle. Read more on John Masters Organics Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk here

While you are on John Masters site, also check out their haircare and face products. I am lusting over their Green Clay and Green tea Mask and their cream cleanser !

Its mid week ! How are you holding up?

Indian Girl


Skin Blossom said... @ March 7, 2011 at 1:29 AM

If you need an organic cleanser on a budget try just Jojoba Oil and remove with luke warm cotton wool pads.

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