Clinique, a trusted name in the beauty industry has joined hands with Allergan Inc the # 1 global medical aesthetics company for a new line of products - Clinique Medical. Clinique medical is a skin care line designed to address skin's unique needs before and after certain in - office, nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.

What are the in office, non surgical procedures ?
Intensed Pulsed Light or Laser Treatments
TCA - Trichloroacetic acid peels

These processes work similarly, as in they all help remove the layers of skin so new and healthy skin grows as a part of the healing process. The difference lies in the way that the skin is removed.

Why these procedures ?
These procedures help treat - Wrinkles, Scars, Acne scars, uneven pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, age spots and more .

Why Clinique Medical ?
A lot of these procedures have various effects on one's skin. Clinique medical helps prepare the skin for the procedures and later helps treat the possible after effects like redness, uneven skin tone, tightness and limits risk of unintended effects. All Clinique Medical products are part of the at home healing process.

Products Offered :
Probiotic Cleanser
Skin Conditioning Treatment
Recovery Week Complex
Optimizing Treatment Cream
Daily SPF 38
Dry Spot Balm

Clinique Medical is available exclusively at physicians skin care offices nationwide.
Read more on Clinique Medical here

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