I remember as a kid I did a lot of things. Always loved going to classes, be it for music or painting or dance. My summers were filled with fun and lots of learning. I took classes in water and oil painting , though I cant remember much of it now I know I was not bad at it. Using this eyeliner brought back fun memories of painting , for me. I'll tell you why...

The powder eye shadows from Becca are a great way to mark your lower and upper lash line. Yes, I said mark because once you apply and seal it - it stays put the whole day through. The powder liner comes with a liquid sealer that helps keep the liner in place. You take your eyeliner brush, dip it in the sealer, take some shadow on it and draw along your lash line. For added benefit you can also run the water proof sealer over the line.

The color I tried was Barbarella. It is a universally flattering dark gray. The other color available is a deep brown - Bambi. Remember, this liner does not give you the dark black look; its subtle not garish. The powder in the compact is packed pretty tight, so you will get just the required amount when you swipe your brush over it. There are zero fall outs. It can also be used dry without the sealent for a very light look. Above all the packaging is so pretty. The eyeliner and the eye shadows form Becca look like cute buttons ! I adore them !

Read more on Becca's Compact Eyeliner here

See, wasn't that almost like using water colors ! Take a brush, dip in water , dip in paint and draw !

Indian Girl


Rupa said... @ October 22, 2008 at 9:45 AM

Going by my madness and love for Kohl this seems right for me... :)

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