How about some organic, vegan haircare for y'all ?

Alterna is a haircare company that uses a lot of certified organic ingredients in its products. This is what drew me to this line. The natural ingredients help strengthen and supplement you hair with nutrients while the absence of chemicals like Sulfate keeps your hair healthy for long.

If you know me, you will also know that I don't use any hair product other than shampoo, conditioner and natural oils for massage. The only reason I decided to try the spray shine from Alterna's HEMP Shine line is, because it has so many natural ingredients, is devoid of harsh chemicals, is sulfate free and vegan !

Let me tell you, that my first experience with a hair shine product was a big hit. I loved how natural and completely weightless the spray was. It did not make my hair oily or look like coating on my hair. It was super natural , gave a subtle sheen and left my hair with a yummy citrus smell ! If you are like me and are scared of using hair products because of the numerous chemicals in it - give this one a try. You and your hair will love it !

I also tried the straight conditioner and shampoo from their HEMP Organics line. Both the products have a light pleasant scent. This is the first Sulfate free shampoo I have ever tried , so it was weird not seeing much foam. Somehow a lot of foam has just become synonymous with clean hair for me, thanks to years of using regular shampoos. Unfortunately, the shampoo nor the conditioner worked for me. It left my hair very dry and tangled. Though I have very long hair, its pretty straight and almost never tangles, so this was a first for me. Guess my hair is just addicted to the bad stuff.

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