Thanks to Scandalous Beauty I found this wonderful New York Magazine article that many of us can relate to.

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I absolutely hate when the MUA's put on a shade on our face and absolutely lie that it looked perfect. I would rather they be honest and confess they cant find a shade in their line for me. its a whole another story if they were trying to make me feel better but no, my ones werent. I have been searching for my foundation for years now and I know how I want it to look and feel like when I have it on. I certainly dont want to look red -er/ pink-er/ yellow-er than I am. I dont want to fit into the foundation...I want the foundation to fit me !

All I want to tell Ms. Aja Mangum is that, she is not alone. The same situations have been faced by many a brown skinned girl at the make up counters. Kudos to brands like Prescriptives and Three Custom Colors who are thinking out of the box by mixing shades on an individual basis rather than pre made and boxed shades which could fix one.


Anonymous said... @ April 21, 2009 at 11:30 AM

Hi! I wanted to say that depending on your skin tone I love Armani foundation. I know it's not one many women of color would think of but it's amazing (one of my best friends who is Indian, another friend who is Koren and me (I'm a light skinned black girl)) and we all swear by it.

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