Oh God ! I cant stand The Hills anymore! Spencer is the stupidest, most manner- less person I know on earth. Is he for real? His parents must be so ashamed of him. He shouldn't be allowed to talk to anybody.
And Heidi ...what can I say? She has a choice and she continues to live with him!! And as the episodes progress...Heidi is becoming more and more like Spencer!! He needs to get help and so does she...
Lo ! She is the most manipulative person on earth...She manipulates poor Lauren and is wrecking her relationship with Audrina for her benefit. Is she in the third grade ? I mean fighting over who will be Laurens best friend !!! Grow up !

Audrina and Whitney are the only semi- sane people left on the show.Any more time on this show, and they'll go crazy too.

Last thoughts...Neither Friendship nor Love should be this hard. If it is...then its time to move on...that's it!

PS: Did you know Lauren gets paid $36,000 per episode ? $36,000 for being and having insane / abnormal friends!! I need a show of my own, called The Valley.
PSS: Do you wanna know which Hills star you are ? Take this quiz to find out...


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