Check out this site - beautycrunch.com.
The site sells cosmetics from Stila, TooFaced, Lola and other brands for less than one third the original price! How wonderful is that!!! Now, dont forget to share your haul details with me and other readers :) As always I love hearing from you!!!

Make the best of their deals on Stila and Too Faced palettes. Few of my recommendations would be:

Stila :
night flower deluxe palette - blu orchid
deluxe folding palette - warm
pon pon gerbera lip glaze
vintage all over shimmer powder

Too Faced:
Hopeless Romantic Quickie Chronicle
The New Romantic Make-up Collection (BLACK)
Good Girl / Bad Girl Palette

Happy Shopping !

Indian Girl


Amina said... @ August 6, 2008 at 6:55 AM

I love beauty crunch and every monday i get excited to see what's new..especially with Stila.
i am a stila gal and most of my favorite products were discontinued!
I hope the 8 pan palette will be there soon:)

kods24 said... @ August 6, 2008 at 10:04 PM

I absolutely love Too Faced Lip Balm in Berry. Looks very dark, but goes on sheer with a very nice shimmer.

I was disappointed that it is discontinued.
Happy to see it on BeautyCrunch.

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