Most Indians believe in the concept of Pitta or Body Heat. While modern medicine has no equivalent concept, it is a well established concept in Ayurveda. Most Indians have heard their parents telling them to drink a lot of water/ coconut water/ buttermilk or eat cucumbers to keep their body cool. A cool body is much preferred than a one with a lot of heat in it. People with heat bodies[I am saying heat instead of hot coz...you know what "hot body" sounds like...;)] also tend to age much faster and are more prone to ulcers and such.

I hate the heat...and to add to that my body is also not in the cool category. I feel super hot without A/C and what few might consider an OK temperature could be kinda hot for me. So I am constantly looking for ways to keep my body cool. My best bet is with watermelon and cucumbers. These are water filled and contain whatever is required to make me feel better and cool from the inside. I love watermelons and like eating them as pieces or blending them into a nice juice.My mom also recommends mixing a little fenugreek/methi powder with yogurt to help regulate body temperature on the inside.

Apart from what I eat, it also helps to apply coconut oil / castor oil to my scalp, once a week.

What do you think about body heat? Have you heard of this before? If you have, do share your tips on keeping one's body cool this summer. I would love love love to hear from y'all!

Indian Girl


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