What a day !! Though it started out rough (flat tire) but then it got better and better.

First I got my goodies bag from Toma of makeupmasala ( Thanks Toma!!!) . She is super sweet and sent me a bottle of ELF Pineapple and Mango body wash, hand cream, samples of - Shania Twain perfume, Bath and Body works Lime and coconut -soap and shampoo, Cherry culture gloss (see pic below) and ELF gloss in Pink!!! That was more than enough to brighten my day!

Just when I had finished testing out Toma's goodies - DING DONG!! Another parcel had arrived ! This one was from Michelle at BeautySnob (Thanks Michelle!!!!) who sent me 2 New Prescriptives Limited Edition Palette's in Blue/Red and Red/Orange. Man, were they beautiful or what !!! The blue / red one was for cool tones and the red/orange one was for warm tones....but they both are great for daily wear.

I couldnt wait to try them out. So I just put em on my eyes randomly. Its not a "look" but will give you guys an idea on the colors in the warm palette. Every palette has 4 eye shadows, one highlighter and one blush. The palette comes in sophisticated steel casing (which I am drooling over) and is pretty big compared to what it looks like on their site. I was pleasantly surprised with the size of it coz I was expecting a much smaller one.

I have pics of the blushes+ highlighter on me. The blush + highlighter in the warm palette look exactly like MAC Sunbasque. The blush in the cool palette is great for work and just for those days when you dont wanna look too made up. The eye shadows are all subtle and soft in color. Overall, I think the palettes are great for anyone who is looking for a perfect work wear palette.

Cherry culture Lip Gloss:

Warm Palette Eye Colors:

Cool Palette Blush+ Highlighter:

Warm Palette Blush + Highlighter:

So that was my day today!
How was yours? I cant believe its Friday again!!! What plans for this weekend girls?

Indian Girl


Ranjani said... @ June 17, 2008 at 4:02 AM

LOVING the gloss!

Anu said... @ June 19, 2008 at 1:30 PM

that lip gloss is heaven on you.

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