Like I told earlier, I got these at Ulta for free as a part of their promotion. I picked the color I'm Outta Here mostly coz there wasnt much of a choice left when I got to Ulta. But if I had the whole range in front of me, I would have also tried Cram for an Exam, In the nic of time, Orange you fast.

The idea is simple - you pump the pen, the polish goes into the brush and you paint your nails. I think its a great innovation since manicure is such a big part of women's maintenance routine. Its best for people who are on the go and for people like me who are just bad at applying nail polish. I love the pen design coz it gave me more control and hence made the application easier.

The paint itself is very thin, almost water like but you get used to it pretty soon. The tricky part is with applying multiple coats. Since the solution is thin you definitely need to apply multiple coats for the color to be bright and fresh. However, the trick is not to let the polish dry before applying second or third coat. You start the application on a fresh nail and just continue building it up until you get the intensity you want. Do not wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat for it will just turn into a dirty mess. Plus, they dry very fast which is great for me, coz I hate waiting for polishes to dry.

It is great for travel and is practically leak proof. The pen is made of plastic hence no issues with breakage and is practically weightless. The brush however could have been better. I felt like it wasn't designed well. They put so much thought into designing the pen but left out the most important part - the brush. But then again, there is no denying how easy it is to apply nail polish with these sticks. I finished my feet and my hand in less than 7 minutes!!!

Overall, I love it coz it was free. The colors - awesome. The brush - could have been better. The design - great. Will I buy it again - may be ....but am not crazy about them to go searching for them.


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