"Its winter and my skin is extremely dry , flaky and ashy. It almost has a wrinkled look to it. Help !"

Mails have been flowing in with these same words. Truth be told you guys are echoing just exactly what I've been dealing with. In this mini "Save My Skin" series I'll put together a bunch of easy solutions to winter skin woes.

First up - Dry Face

The skin on my cheeks have been especially dry. That and the space between my brows.
Very dry. So I've had to make some changes to accomodate the drier me.

Hence, I've got a new member in my skin care army - jojoba oil.

Joe - joe - bah ! (Not !)

After hearing plenty news on how jojoba oil ( actually a wax !) is very similar to the sebum on our skin, which in turn makes it very easy to be absorbed and very effective, I convinced myself to give it a try. But really, like I needed a reason. Its all natural, been a beauty secret for ages and is readily available !

Get Cold Pressed & Organic Oils

I tried the jojoba oil ($19) by Melvita. Its cold pressed &100% organic. It is always recommended to get cold pressed, organic oils because heat extraction process destroys all the good stuff in oils making them rancid, useless and sometimes even dangerous to one's health. Always look for some color in your oils. If your oil is 100% colorless, means all kinda nasty things have been done and added to it. Stay away from those.

Fun facts about Jojoba

- The plant can live anywhere from 100 - 200 years !
- Unlike coconut oil, jojoba oil remains a liquid even in winters.
- Does not oxidize or become rancid easily. Has a very stable shelf life. ( Most nut oils like Almond oil, turn rancid easily hence must be stored carefully in a cool dry place. )


I've been jojoba-ing for almost two weeks now and I really wanna say my skin is smoothtastic. But that's not entirely true. My skin is definitely doing much better than what I started out with. The redness is 100 % gone. It doesn't itch anymore nor is it flaky. About half the dryness has gone but some remains. I realize its a slow process but I am willing to continue with it because when I have it on my face , my skin feels fantastic ! The oil is very light and gets absorbed pretty easily. Jojoba is also considered safe for use on acne prone skin and is one of the most popular oils among ardent followers of the oil cleansing method. It is naturally non-comedogenic.

Plenty More Oils To Try , Yo !

I love the packaging of Melvita oils. They come in a comfortable pump model which can be locked - very important for liquids ! The brand also makes many other organic products from butters to moisturizers and organic sunscreens. On my list next is some of their butters and more oils. I like that these oils are priced fairly - most are under $20. And they have a nice description on what each one is effective at. Some like Sisybrium - I've never heard of but am dying to try !

If you have a winter skin care tip, share em !

Indian Girl


anamika said... @ December 29, 2010 at 3:46 PM

i have been using Fab India almond oil and that too have given me kind of similar experience:)

Anushka said... @ February 29, 2012 at 11:55 AM

Nice tips.. Oil can help protect the skin from winter problems like dry skin and irritation. I have been using parachute body lotion to battle the recent winter and it worked really well thanks to the coconut milk in it which does a great job of moisturizing my skin.

tiffany_keep_going said... @ December 25, 2013 at 10:37 AM

thanks...i think i will buy this!!

tiffany_keep_going said... @ December 25, 2013 at 10:38 AM

love your blog!

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