One of my biggest makeup resolutions for 2011 is to go all out with makeup. Though I feature numerous bold looks here on my blog, I hardly take the time out to try them all in real life. So this year things are changing and I shall get bolder! Catch the look on Vogue India here !

To kick start my resolution I have decided to try a big wing look for the party tonight. There is going to be a lot of dancing and I don’t want my shadows vanishing before midnight. The best choice for these long nights out is M.A.C pigment. Pigments have a great staying power and come in all kinds of freaky bold shades - just what I need !

To balance out the drama of a big wing, I chose a girly pink, Fuchsia pigment and purple, Grape pigment with a bit of sexy almost black, Deep Blue Green pigment. Topping it all off with some glitter - M.A.C Reflects Transparent Teal Pigment shall give my eyelids the wet shimmery look.

Checkin if the colors blend well together - yes they do !

To get the big ‘ol wing on the corner with the shadows, I stuck a piece of scotch tape on the outer corner at an angle. Then I proceeded to apply the colors. In the end I simply pulled it out and voila – a big ol wing is born!

Tonight, my cheek bones shall get higher with bronzer and lips sexier with a deep fuchsia - Three Custom Color Specialists Lipstick, Santorini. Some clear gloss and I shall be done! Think any cute boy will notice ? How about the lawyer boy ? Think I'll get to dance with one of em ? Don't know who lawyer boy is ? You probably are not on twitter...

What are you wearing to the party this New Year’s eve? Make it bigger and bolder girls – let the nude, barely there trend end with 2010. Bring them colors out, yo !

Indian Girl


Party store said... @ January 1, 2011 at 6:48 PM

I like your blog,Totally interesting also extraordinary blog.Give more pictures related to this topic.Thanks for sharing this wonderful detail.

See Bee said... @ January 29, 2011 at 9:49 PM

I am enjoying your blog - finally, a make-up blog for Indian skin! I came across the cello-tape trick on another blog and really must try it now...

Btw, does the smokey look suit everyone? I ask because I end up looking really sick, or as if someone has punched me when I try it. My skin is 'fair' as per Indian standards (dark caramel as per global) and typically the best eye-make that suits me is less black, more bright colors (pink, turquoise, golden) in the lid or crease area. My eyes are medium sized, and dark brown in colour.

Am I doing something wrong in constantly failing with the smoky look? or does it really not suit some people?

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