This past weekend I treated my brows to a makeover at the very popular Christi Harris Precision Brow Planing Bar in Dallas. No professional has touched my brows in five years because I had one bad experience after another till I decided to do them myself. I'd like to think my brows were average and with this makeover I was ready to see if they could be taken to the next level.

I was lucky enough to have Christi do my brows. She is the quintessential charming Southern woman making me feel at home right away ! We spoke a little bit about how she got started and why her new product was changing brows all across the nation. Next I took the hot seat and let the magic happen, stopping only to ask a million questions and take a couple of hundred pictures.

While Christi spoke and did my brows I couldn't help but notice her amazing skin. So supple and clean. Not one blackhead or white head on her nose. Pores - close to non existent. All this but not the stretched waxy face we see all across Hollywood. Just naturally healthy looking skin. I want skin like that. But for now I'll stick with brow story...

At first I planned on telling y'all about it myself but now I think its much better coming from the creator.

The part about threading / waxing and tweezing pulling hair out from the root echoed to me the most. Sometimes if the hair root is gone, there isn't a way for hair to start growing back in that spot - scary stuff ! I should know this because my brows are pretty sparse at the inner end thanks to years of threading / tweezing.

Key Points That Make All The Difference

- The brow map is the key to perfect shape. You will start out with your bows looking too thick and weird like mine did in the picture below. But you'll see them looking way better and natural at the end of it all.

- Always stipple. Don't run the brush along the length of the brow.
- Following the steps helps create the same best shape day in and day out. Plus doing it a few times gets one into a routine which gets faster and faster with time.
- Not related to brows but I learned that the crease color must be placed above the crease - not along or in the crease. I tried it - its true.
- Everything in makeup has to be at an angle. Placing any product on your face in a straight line makes no difference and instead looks blah.

Who Needs The Precision Brow Planing System

Essentially anybody who is looking for Kim Kardashian like brows but also if you have

- thin brow hair / not full eyebrows
- brows not in shape
- uneven brows
- sparse, barely there brow hair
- don't have natural arches in your brows but are looking to create one.
- don't / cant thread, wax or tweeze

The brow planing kit provides for a step by step procedure to take one to the land of full shapely brows. The difference comes with the texture that Adda bow provides making the brows look natural as oppose to the flat tattooed brows or sharpie brows. This texture makes all the difference !

You May Not Make A Run For It If ...

You have

- full, thick brows naturally that you have maintained in relatively good shape.
- are particularly prone to razor burns.

You are better off with just a brow powder and an angled brush to fill in sparse areas.

As For Me

I loved it. My brows that began like two centipedes tuned first into an architectural blue print with the lines that the brow map created and finally ended up looking totally Va - Va - Voom ! I have never had these beautiful shaped arches - ever. My left eyebrow that has been sleeping for the past few years has awakened and risen to staggering heights. I plan on keeping it there and hope it never goes back to being a droopy line.

The before and the after

The brow planer helps with a crisp finish to the brows that is only made better with the Lift -n - Lite matte highlighter ( unfortunately has to be bought separately). I am very grateful that I didn't have a razor burn from the brow planer tool but if I had one concern then this would be it. If you are prone to razor burns I highly suggest making an appointment at one of their locations and trying it out there before you invest in one. The rest of the kit is great but the planer is the main highlight of the kit.

Planer apart, I absolutely fell in love with the fan brush that is used to dust the diffuser over the brows. It also makes for an amazing blending brush - who knew ! The kit itself can be used to create a day and a night look. One thing I noticed across the kit is quality. Everything seemed to be made with the best quality products for the desired effect. All brushes - soft, dense and perfect. The powders - fine milled and pigmented just right.

So wait - am I laying my tweezer down ? Yes and No. If the stray hair is way far away from my brow I still plan on tweezing it out. But anything near my natural brow line - I'll let the planer tool handle it. The Precision Brow Planing Kit is now available at Christi Harris Website for $39.95.

Indian Girl


preeti said... @ September 15, 2010 at 1:59 AM

I love love love your brows!!! they look so refined and sooooo amazing!!!

Anonymous said... @ September 15, 2010 at 2:22 AM

Is there a 2nd video showing how to use the kit?

nikita said... @ September 15, 2010 at 2:40 AM

To be honest, I think your natural brows without the brow powder looks better. I have such sparse brows that I look like I almost have no brows. So, I always envy those that have more brow hair than I do.

I resort to using brow powder but I try to stay away from having my brows look too "squared" or made up. The technique this woman showed in the second video, I dunno. It makes the brows look too overly done for my taste.

Anonymous said... @ September 15, 2010 at 4:53 AM

I like this set and i might buy it as i have thick brows like you. But i always struggle to find the arch for my eye brows.I really like how your brows looked afterward.

Alexandra said... @ September 15, 2010 at 3:40 PM

Ok, that brow kit is TO DIE FOR!!! Lol, I have thick brows myself, but I love brow stuff and that kit is a must! Thanx for sharing!


xoxo from Romania!

SR said... @ September 21, 2010 at 10:32 PM

Great post! I'd never have known about this. I'm going to make an appointment at the Galleria and have them do my eyebrows. The whole hair root dying totally makes sense, no wonder my very nice eyebrows have become sparse in some areas after years of threading. How much do they charge to do your eyebrows first time? Thanks. I'll let you know how it goes :)

Stephanie said... @ September 24, 2010 at 10:45 AM

very va va voom! I'm wondering how much the session was at the brow bar incase I want to stop by? :)
I learned a lot from this post btw!

SR said... @ September 26, 2010 at 8:53 AM

I scheduled an appt and she said it is $29 to have them do/teach you how to do. Let's see how it goes!

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