I've never been to a Masquerade party. Never been invited to one.

Besides shouldn't you be friends with the Ambassador of Italy or the Queen of England for that ?

Even if I were to be invited I wouldn't have the faintest clue on what I should wear or how I should dress up for it. If the Smashbox Masquerade Collection is any clue looks like the recurring look would be one of soft pink cheeks and lips, paired with dark seductive mysterious eyes.

The Masquerade Eye Shadow Palette($35) is no doubt the queen of this ball. The sleek navy blue metallic compact houses nine mega pigmented satin eye shadows that blend in mere seconds to create several different looks. Plus the taupe shade on the top right could substitute for your eyeshadow powder in a pinch. The swatches will speak for how dense the shades are - absolutely packed with color.

The Lip Enhancing Gloss in Disguise ($19) is true to its name. The moment I laid eyes on it, I thought it was the most delicate yet fierce shade of pink I'd ever seen. With the gold flecks it does look like a winner. But none of that translates onto my lips when worn on its own. It could be any other golden pink lip gloss. But it does have a certain knack of adding life to otherwise dull matte lipsticks.

Here I have it over CG Simply Ageless Blush in Lush Berry.

Next up - The Baked Fusion Soft Lights Palette in Fusion ($32). Light , fair, medium , olive skin tone ladies, repeat after me - Hallelujah. Since I didn't get any sun this summer, I am quite excited about this highlighter. Its a frosty soft pink that when applied to the higher planes of my face gives a gorgeous frosty glow. With a bit of contouring I might be able to pull off the high cheek bones structured face.

I love frosty highlighters in fall / winters but not in summer. If I had managed to get a shade or two darker I wouldn't have been as excited about this. On my darker skin it would have just looked like a patch of white frost running down my nose or the sides of my face. When I'm darker I prefer more of a golden / bronzy highlighter than a frosty pink one. The Baked Fusion Soft Lights in Starburst would be my ideal pick for darker skin.

Overall - the eyeshadow palette is a must must have for fall - $35 well spent. The mystic, dark shadows are sure to get your eyes noticed - Masquerade ball or not .

Indian Girl

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priya said... @ August 25, 2010 at 9:53 PM

i have an eye on this palette!thanx for the swatches.

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