I've tried a few heat protectant sprays in the past. They are the only other hair product I use apart from the regular shampoo/ conditioner and a frizz/shine product.

But I've had a few issues with Heat Protectant sprays in the past - they make my hair crunchy and take a long time to dry. I hate the Tsk...Tsk...noise that comes when you press your iron against wet hair. And by the time some sprays dry, its made my hair crunchy and very hard to style.

This was my big concern when I tested out Pantene Heat Protectant & Shine Spray For Medium / Thick Hair. Right off the bat my concerns were put to rest. It dries in mere seconds and leaves my hair just as soft as it was to begin with. Very light in weight and adds a hint of shine. I am so happy that I've straightened my hair out for three weeks now. Its something I very rarely do, but I'm comfortable enough with this spray to use it often.

If Pantene asked me what I'd change about the spray I'd ask them to make a more energetic pump/spray so it would go Psst Psst Psst instead of pss...pss...
What that means is its a little on the lazy size. At least the one I received was.

Overall very good product for a very good price - $6.

Indian Girl

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