This fall collection from Estee Lauder is all about mysterious blues, purples and the dreamy effects they bring to our eyes. The main attractions of this collection to me are the palettes - Blue Dahlia and Surreal Violet. I tried out the Blue Dahlia palette ($40) and believe me it is every bit as stunning as the model Hillary Rhonda makes us believe it is.

The Blue Dahlia palette houses five eye shadows in a sophisticated Estee Lauder trademark golden compact. I am a sucker for golden packaging. The five shadows are medium pigmented with very soft blendable textures that make mixing and shading a breeze. Its all about soft sophistication, no over the top colors.

The shades include

- a pearl white with tiny blue flecks
- a satin sea blue
- a shimmery deep blue
- a satin taupe
- a matte black

The satin taupe and the sea blue are my two favorite shades. But the pearl white with blue flecks is just as gorgeous. Overall a dream of a palette from Estee Lauder. I'm now off to try the look. Its a bit cloudy here but if it clears up I'll take pictures and have em up ! This is the face chart I'll be following.

Shade 4 over entire lid as base. Blend.
• Shade 3 to frame the eye:
- Start at crease, extend above and out to outer corner.
- Define and blend into outer corner.
- Extend down under lower lashes. Blend.
• Shades 5 and 1 blended together. Apply over inner 2/3 of lid.
• Shade 1 as liner along lashline.
• Shade 2 blended over liner at upper lashline. Blend out into outer corner.

Indian Girl

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Maddy said... @ July 27, 2010 at 2:23 PM

Can you please do an eyelook with this ????

Glitter Toes said... @ July 28, 2010 at 12:11 AM

The fall collection looks amazing!!

We are so excited!

Thanks for the update.

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