I been dying to play with some blues all week long and finally got to it. I really wanted to do something but it tuned into something else.... Thanks to me using an unwashed blending brush that dusted brown on my blues and then mascara did its thing and smeared on the lid. So after housekeeping came in and cleaned the mess ...this is what happened.

Either ways I am happy I got to play with blues ! That Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof eyeliner - Navy Blue is gonna get used a lot this week. Its wonderful along the waterline - lasts all day long ! And that that silver Liquif - Eye Metallic Eyeliner from Milani - makes for a perfect companion to the blue along the lash line.

The two blues are from good old Estee Lauder Sand & Sea Palette released last year

Also - please notice the lack of dark circles. Would you believe me if I told you its a drug store concealer ? Would ya ? You must ! Its the Milani HD Concealer in Soft Honey !

I started out going for the ice queen look with the frosty blues and the silver.

And then I wanted to see how a contrasting deeper blue would do.

After that I pretty much had to go and add some color to the waterline. Just to see what that would look like.

Finally I ended up with this !

I'm going to the movies tonight to see Robinhood. Yup, haven't seen it. And no, I'm not going with this improvised ice queen look. I'll probably just do the blue and silver eyeliner. Will post a pic soon !

Indian Girl


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