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Happy Monday ! How was the week end ??
Better than mine I hope !

on with beauty bidness - lets talk CoverGirl Shadow Blast Sticks. Its hard to resist these bright shades walking down the aisles of CVS. The orange/ bronze. green silver all beg to be bought and worn. And the ads for these only make one want them even more !

Each stick comes with two shades - one an eyeliner/crease shade and the other an all over lid shade. Nice concept and totally works if it weren't for the creasing. But then you already knew that. When I see creamy shadows the first thing I care about is creasing - no matter how adorable the color everything is ruined when I have goopy eyeshadow.

One way to wear these is of course under powder eyeshadow - they do a good job of brightening the shadow when layered underneath. But even layering is tricky - so after applying the shadow blast runneth your finger over to remove excess. A thin layer aids the powder shadow stick better and avoid getting settled into lines.

Another thing is to use them as eyeliners - this is what I've been doing. The coppery shade that comes with the green is too cute with brown eyes. The sparkly black is great too ! But my super favorite is the one on the far right - the purple taupe. So so so very gorgeous. Given that they are so creamy / waxy they don't stay long on waterline but along the lash line they make for a good option.

Overall - if you find em on sale give it a go ! Its hard to resist these colors. If not I hear CG has some new eyeliners out - time to try them !

Have you tried the CG Smoky Shadow Blasts ? You likey ? Is there a better way to wear them ?

Indian Girl

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TJ said... @ June 19, 2010 at 10:08 PM

They work better for me with eyeshadow, too. I haven't tried them as liners, tho.

Anonymous said... @ July 15, 2011 at 6:29 AM

This is the second time I heard the suggestion of using this product under a shadow. I think it is a great idea because alone it lacks integrity.

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