I've found a foot creme that I cannot get enough of. That is the best way I can describe this tube of goodness.

The Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme is a 99.40 % natural product made with the simplest of ingredients that provide maximum relief to dry scaly feet. Because I love wearing socks during winter, I slathered on foot creme and went to bed most days. So my winters had me enjoying soft heels though they were hardly out of boots.

Summer Heat & Heels

Come spring - all I wear are flip flops. Our spring is more like summer and summer is bad for heels. Did you know that body heat can be a cause of cracked feet apart from general dryness and the ashy mess it brings.

Within two days of applying the coconut foot creme I saw may-jah results. I didn't even wear socks to bed with it. I just apply the thick gel like creme and keep my feet out of the bed for say 30 minutes while I get my night reading done and by then its all soaked into my feet and those things already start feeling pillow-y soft.

Coconut Craze

Though it is one of the best foot creme's I've tried, there is more reason for me to love it than just the results - The scent.

Aah the scent of sweet coconuts. Nothing artificial or synthetic about it. Its the real deal.
I love it so much I wanna slather it on toast and eat. And those of you who follow me on twitter know - I love toast. Now, I'm telling you I love coconuts too.
The fragrance of coconut oil only made milder with a hint of rosemary - divine.
Absolutely divine.

Not Just For Feet ...

I use this not only on my feet but on my hands too. Massage it into my cuticles and sit smelling my hands all night long....I can feel my eyes rolling back into my head with pure ecstasy.

I used it on my face too. I am experimentative like that. What's to fear ? Its 99.40 % natural and I can practically recite the ingredient list - coconut, rosemary, oats and Vitamin E - nothing harmful, man ! I needed that heavy creme coz the A.C makes my skin super dry...

On AIMB we almost never say anything is must have coz everything can be replaced - but this one is one of those must haves for me. I'm buying another tube the moment I see it at CVS. Its almost 2PM and I havent eaten a morsel of food yet - if only I was experimentative enough to squeeze this into my mouth...

Indian Girl

This article contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. For more details on the disclosure policy please refer to it at the bottom of the page.


preeti said... @ June 9, 2010 at 3:30 AM

:-) great post IG! made me smile a lot....i am gonna definitely give this cream a shot next time I go to a drugstore....

The Housewife said... @ June 9, 2010 at 3:54 AM

I use a lot of BBs products but I've never tried their foot cream.. will try it out! I love their Mama Bee products that have been so helpful ever since I got preggers!

musical said... @ June 9, 2010 at 4:52 AM

Nice find! I'll go get one! My other staple is the "fair trade foot lotion' by Lush.

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