Celebity Hair Stylist for Pantene - Danilo was responsible for the retro glam waves on Katy Perry.

“Katy’s been incredibly fun to work with this year because she loves to experiment with varied retro styles while still keeping the charm of old-school glamour. The look I created tonight was very 50’s Liz Taylor, hair pulled off the face with a sea of black waves.

To style her classic glamour set, I first started by washing hair with a clean base. Then, I sprayed hair with the new Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Detangler to condition hair with a silky finish before the blow dry. I used both a round brush and finger tousles to create the glamour waves, then lightly sprayed them with new Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Touchable Hairspray for a finishing hold. The front of Katy’s hair was simply pulled to the side, twisted, and pinned in place. Katy’s dress was made specifically for her, so I wanted to make sure that her hair was just as flashing (literally) as the dress.”

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