Its New For Summer

The Hard Candy Powder Keg ($6) is part of their new summer collection. Other items in the collection include, matte powders, glitter / metal eyeliners, makeup train cases/ bags and cream eyeliners. Of all the products I was most curious about the powder kegs and the metal eyeliners.

The Kegs are loose eyeshadow pigments made from pearlized powder. The have a wand inside which has a small bulbous sponge at the end of it. I love the design - its not big and messy. Plus when you pull the wand out the funnel inside takes care of all the excess pigment giving us just how much we need at one time.

Stays Put Well, Some Fallout

Given that its a powder I never expected it to stay on my waterline for more than 30 minutes. But four hours later there was still a huge portion of it sitting happy on my waterline. I applied it along my upper / lower lash line and waterline - doubles as both eyeliner and shadow. After application I used my finger to smudge it a bit. The powder is very silky so it blends easily but still is very pigmented. There is some fall out during application but that comes with all kohl kinda products. Remember to apply concealer after or use a shadow shield or simple a sticky tape under your eye prior application.

Light As A Feather

One thing I must mention is that I had absolutely no discomfort with having this on my waterline. Most other powder kohl's I've tried like Tricia Sawyer Smoke & Mirrors give me this uncomfortable heavy feeling in my eye - like I most definitely have something in it. But this one was super light weight and zero discomfort. That being said if I was a beginner I might be a little overwhelmed with the fall out and technique to apply powder kohls...

Overall for $6 its one heck of a product that I highly recommend. I am very curious to try out other shades. There are 11 other shades but I am gravitating more towards the darker ones like olive green, brown and purple. This gunpowder shade is something every brown girl should consider getting. I wore it during day and it still looked great. I'll have pics up soon. And girls with lighter skin tone could rock it at night !

News For New Mommies

Lavanila recently introduced their Healthy baby Collection. To celebrate the launch, Lavanila and Sephora are hosting the “Happy, Healthy Baby Search.” Beginning today, you can enter your baby into the nationwide search online via www.Sephora.com/win/healthybaby

Or if you live in NY, visit the Sephora 5th Avenue store on Friday, May 14th to meet the judges, have your babies’ photo taken and receive samples of the new collection ! The first 50 parents to enter the contest in-store on May 14th will receive a Sephora gift card worth up to $100.

Nobody wants to pass up on that !

Indian Girl


Sunshine-y said... @ May 14, 2010 at 7:59 AM

where would you find it?

An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said... @ May 14, 2010 at 8:11 AM

Hi Sunshine-y !

All Hard Candy products are sold exclusively at Walmart.

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