I love kits and palettes mostly because they are a great value for money ! If I was someone who traveled a lot - I'd probably love it for that too.

Often I get questions from readers looking for a great everyday kit that they could just throw into their bags and head out. Other times I get asked about kits for beginners who want a little bit of everything in a small, compact, non-overwhelming form. And then there are kits that need to be given as gifts. When you are traveling to India to meet with relatives / spend some time in Des you take gifts for relatives - all Asians do this. And I get a lot of questions from folks traveling to India / Pakistan / South Asia in general requesting recommendations on mini makeup kits that they could give as gifts.

In short - there is a huge demand for mini all in one kits.

I have one kit here that satisfies all of the above needs - The mark It Kit Trend Color Compact. At $20 its a cute little thing that packs a lot !

Its a flip compact - as in you have a few things on one side and you flip it to find few more things.
On one side are three eye shadows (black, grey, beige) and an almost matte bronzer.

On the other side we have three lip glosses ( mauve pink, fuchsia, clear shimmer ) and three triple use color creams ( deep pink, bronze taupe, light pink).

Over all its a very well thought out palette. The eye shadows come in a decent size - not those tiny squares that wont even fit your finger. The three shades should look good on most skin tones and are versatile enough for day and night. The bronzer is good for some color / for contouring.

But my most favorite part is the other side with the lip glosses and creams. The creams can be used on eyes / lips / cheeks. I love using the deep pink color on my cheeks and using the light pink one as a highlighter under my brows, on top of my cheek bones / on the bridge of my nose. The bronze taupe I use on its own all over my lids. When I apply a thin layer it doesn't crease much and gives just enough color for day wear. Combined with some black shadow along the lash line and mascara - I'm good to go !

The lip glosses are not deeply pigmented - all three are sheer. The fuchsia pink gives the most color to my lips but the mauve pink is my favorite for day. It has a gorgeous shine that though not long lasting looks incredible the short time that it stays on. For longer wear and more color I've started applying the deep pink creme color on my lips and topping it off with any of the glosses - too cute !

My only complaint is the slightly sweet taste of the glosses. I don't really lick my lips or eat lipstick but the one time I just happened to...the sweet taste reminded me never to. None of the products have any scent, which is great coz my olfactory senses drive me crazy. And the lid has a hollow design so your lip gloss wont get on the lid of the compact. Messy compacts are yuck.

Overall - its a very handy kit ! This is my first time with a mark product and it has managed to get me interested in the brand.
A lot.

Indian Girl


Li said... @ April 16, 2010 at 3:48 AM

Soo nice blog, i'll follow you ok?
Make me a visit later ^^


Anonymous said... @ April 16, 2010 at 7:24 PM

Umm, it sounds like you didn't like any of the products much, you just liked the idea of an all-in-one palette.

makeoutmonster said... @ April 17, 2010 at 12:01 AM

Very cute! I think I'm going to order it - thanks for the tip :)

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