Step 1 : Take Off Polish and clip them nails.

Step 2 : Soak those tootsies in warm water.

Throw in epsom salt or any coarse salt. I truly believe salt relaxes feet and even relives any pain. It has always worked for me.

Step 3 : Dry Skin Be Gone

Before I tell you about about the how, I need to get on with the story about my fear of metal scrappers.

A few years back when my mom was getting her pedicure at a salon & she happened to get back home with a bruised foot. It got me so mad, that I went back to the salon and gave the lady a piece of my mind. The deal is my mom is diabetic and everybody knows feet / legs are a sensitive area for diabetic people. Their bruises don't heal as fast. But that left a scar on me - I have just been scared of anything metal scrapping my feet.

I once had an inkling to try ped egg but the moment I saw all those shiny blade like thingies - the uncomfortable feeling returned. So metal scrappers are out of question in my pedicure routine.

My next best alternative for a while has been the pumice stone. Other than the fact that it falls, crumbles easily, leaving sand like particles all over my shower ....

With a background like this - the Rada Pro Ergonomic Pedicure File seemed like a great idea. And at $9.99 the deal felt a lot more sweeter.

What it is - is a light weight box shaped to fit the contours of a hand. Inside the box are self - adhesive, abrasive stickers of two types - coarse and fine. You simply place the sticker on one side of the box and get busy with the calluses. They can be used on dry / soaked feet - I prefer soaked. By the time I'm done with both my feet the sticker is worn out. Each one is perfect for one time use - very sanitary ! Perfect for diabetics - Remember I told about a package we're putting together for mom ? This file definitely made the cut !

Step 4 : Exfoliation

After scrapping off the dead cells under my feet - its time for exfoliating my feet. My favorite has to be the Qtica Cherry Bing Sugar Scrub. I've written about this before or so I thought - its absolutely fab !

But a quick alternative is simply a mix of sugar and honey from our kitchen.

Take a generous amount and gently massage it on your feet . It a great feeling - almost like a good foot rub. Those of us who don't have foot rub person at hand will have to settle for a sugar scrub.

Step 5 : Moisturize

Wash the sugar scrub off and pat dry your feet. Follow with a heavy creamy moisturizer. It should drench your feet with hydration. My favorite has been the Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion. I like mint - I really really like mint but this was too strong even for the mint lover in me. I can see how some people might hate the strong smell. Its also really really thick - not your everyday lotion. But if you need a heavy dose of moisture , I haven't found anything that does a better job than this stinky pink-y lotion.

Another good foot lotion is the Jergens Sensitive Skin Relief Lotion . Though not made for feet its very good at keeping my feet feeling soft on an every day basis.

Step 6 : Now throw your feet into a pair of socks.

I got a pair of no nonsense sturdy cotton wool socks from Walmart a few months back. They are the best. After a pedicure session I put em on and am all set ! Plus it wards off the heavy mint smell from the Lush lotion.

Of course there is the part about Nail Polish - the really fun pat. I usually do it the next day.

What have I missed ? What do you do ? Dish....

In Other News

Lets all take 7 minutes out today to enjoy this wonderful heart wrenching, emotional making, tears flowing hindi song - please. I've obviously been living under a rock - I hadn't heard this song until this past weekend. Hugs to my sister who pointed it out to me.

Indian Girl

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Awiii said... @ April 14, 2010 at 4:43 AM

I hear ya on the metal thing. I am a diabetic and ever since I was small the feet thing had been drilled into me by various doctors. So I have used the pumice stone sparingly. I'll have to try that pedicure file you recommended!

dharti said... @ April 14, 2010 at 7:31 AM

1. I LOVE that song!!! I hope to go to his concert this month here in nY!
2. On a normal day, before I put on my socks I lightly apply almond or coconut oil on my heels and legs. That helps me out in the long run esp in the winter!

musical said... @ April 19, 2010 at 7:24 AM

This is such a lovely song! I had heard this a while ago..thanks a ton for getting it back on my playlist :).

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