Spring is almost here ! As I say this I see beautiful snow flakes falling through my window...
Such an optimist !

When Spring does get here, I've got a little something that will keep you looking fresh and gorgeous - The Blushable Crème Stick ($3.99) from New York Color.

Creamy Natural Goodness

I have been a huge fan of Clinique Blushwear Creme Sticks for ever and the new NYC blush able creme sticks are almost similar except they are a bit more moisturizing and I only pay $3.99 for it - crazy deal, y'all ! The creme sticks have a creamy , oil- free formula that looks uber natural. All I do is dot it on my cheek and blend with my fingers. It stays put for 3 hours or so; at which point I'd like go in for a touch up. I highly recommend these to creme blush novices - its hard to wrong with it.

Though they are blushes, the twist up sticks double up very well as lipsticks ! On my lips they look almost matte though on the cheeks they have a creamy/ silky finish.


The two shades I tried were South St.Seashell - a perfect peach ( may be a lil darker peach) and Berry Newyorker - a neutral beige. Both shades work great with my NC-40 skin tone. These two shades didn't have any frost or shimmer to it - just creamy colors !

There are plenty more shades to choose from. Next time I'm gonna go looking for some pinky shades - what is spring without some pink to it, right !

Available Shades: Plaza Pink, Big Apple Blush, Urban Spice, South Street Seashell, Mauvin’ Uptown, Berry New Yorker

Have any of you tried these blushable creme sticks ? I'd love to hear which shades you got and how they perform !

Indian Girl


musical said... @ March 23, 2010 at 2:05 AM

Beautiful colors!

He he, that was a good dose of optimism :). In my neck of the woods (LA), spring's actually been around for a while-magnolia blossoms are already gone!

preeti said... @ March 23, 2010 at 8:36 AM

ooooh! nice!! i have been looking for creme blushes for a while now...i was able to snap away some Boots No.7 creme blushes on sale at Target recently...must add, they were pretty nice..

Lily said... @ March 23, 2010 at 8:45 AM

Ooh! I recently got two of these too in Plaza Pink and Big Apple Blush because those caught my eye right away but your swatches make me want to go back and get some more! I've been craving non-powder blushes for a while now and after a stain blush stage these are perfect; love the color payoff and consistency!

Anonymous said... @ March 23, 2010 at 8:05 PM

I have sensitive skin so I'm paranoid about creme blushes. Do you know if these are made for sensitive skin? If they are not, do you know of any creme blushes (or powder blushes) that are made for sensitive skin?

Anonymous said... @ March 25, 2010 at 4:50 AM

Umm.. Question from a novice:-
How do you wear these blushes?-
Do you wear a primer + foundation under them or do you apply these blushes directly on to your skin?

smaxwell said... @ April 9, 2010 at 3:51 AM

Hello, do you mind telling me where you bought these? I have looked all over my city for these. We don't have Rite Aide's here. I even called the N.Y.C. Customer Service to see if they could help locating these for me nearby, but they were of no help.

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