Another easy hairstyle brought to you by moi !

This time around I was inspired by this picture below. Its from Jason Wu show at Fall/Winter 2010 and the side braid from Alexander Wang SS2010. At the Jason Wu Show, the model's hair was twined with a black elastic and then twisted into a chignon ! I stuck with just the twining part and used my hair instead of black elastic.

Best done on freshly washed hair so you have some volume on the head like the models did at the Alexander Wang show - a little messy , a lot of fun !

The hairstyle reminds me of all happy things - spring/ summer , a day out with the girls, sunflowers and yellow !

How To ?

If you have bangs, go ahead and set them - I do & did .
Brush your hair and pull all of it onto one side.
Now pull out two strips of hair from either sides of your hair bunch.
Cross the two strips over the your hair, twining as far as the hair extends.
Add a hair tie where it ends. That's it !

Speaking of braids and hair ties I found two new hair gadgets on Sephora's website.

Milkmaid braids were all over the runways last year but I never figured out how to do it without putting my arms through hell. This Thick Braidie Headband would probably be the closest I could come to it.

And we've always lusted over the simple idea of twining a tiny piece of hair around your hair tie. I did it here below.

But now you have a hair tie designed to do just that ! Its called Tony tail wrap - cute !
Whoz Tony BTW ?

Indian Girl


Hemlata @ indiamarks.com said... @ August 10, 2012 at 11:15 AM

Great Blog, I love your easy hairstyle idea for long hair. Thanks...

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