Dermalogica recently launched a new range of line - Clean Start specially formulated for teen skin !
My Teenage Woes

Growing up I didn't have great skin as a teenager. It used to be oily and I almost always looked like I needed to wash my face. Acne wasn't a big issue for me but looking dirty was - I looked perpetually dull. To add to it you've got all your hormones running haywire and moms driving you crazy. My craziest teenage moment among many was when my mom was me if "there were any boys " when I started breaking out. Crazy ! I was a big geek - still am, boys were the least of my worries .

What was your craziest teenage moment ?

Dermalogica Clean Start Preview

The New Clean Start Line includes a bunch of products designed to do everything form cleansing to warding off the acne by spritzing a skin refresher. Given how HOT India gets - I'd like to think the mist will be a huge hit ! However I wish it was designed better so you could carry it in your purse & spritz away...

Here's a preview of some of the products and what they do

Get Clean: Cleansing and toning is where healthy skin starts. The cleaner the skin, the more receptive to treatment and moisturizer benefits!

Wash Off - a foaming skin wash designed to clear away dead skin cells and extra oil from the face and body. MRP: Rs 1150 for 180 ml

All Over Clear - a refreshing mist that controls shine as it hydrates. MRP: Rs 1050 for 120 ml

Take on Issues : Rid skin of breakout triggers (excess oils, dead skin cells) to keep breakouts away.
Ready, Set, Scrub! - a dual-action masque/scrub that purifies and gently polishes skin. MRP: Rs 1225 for 75 ml
Bedtime for Breakouts - an overnight clearing treatment. MRP: Rs 1245 for 60 ml
Hit the Spot - a concentrated, easily absorbed spot treatment for breakouts. MRP: Rs 1375 for 10 ml

Protect Skin: Smooth, protected, hydrated skin without a greasy after-feel or clogged pores.
Welcome Matte SPF15 - a lightweight lotion that reduces shine and offers sun protection without drying skin. MRP: Rs 1350 for 60 ml
Brighten Up SPF15 - a multi-tasking lotion with UV protection that offers a natural tint and shimmer. MRP: Rs 1350 for 60 ml
Smart Mouth Lip Shine - a super-smoothing lip shield that moisturizes and conditions. MRP: Rs 945 for 10 ml

A Few Moments From The Launch

The products were launched at an university in India rather than a preview party with beauty editors. Great idea - given how the university students are its target crowd !

Have you tried any of these products ?

Indian Girl


musical said... @ March 9, 2010 at 2:03 AM

Haven't tried Dermalogica. As a teenager, i always went back to the trusted Safi :). It's bitter tasting thingy, sort of a herbal tonic, and it worked (atelast for me)!

Is it just me or ar these products really over-priced (especially since they are targeted to young college going people)? I remember getting a scholarship of Rs. 5000-7500 during my grad school. This stuff would have been unaffordable!!

Riya said... @ March 11, 2010 at 3:34 PM

hEY musical... i beg to differ. Teenagers today are very conscious about the way they look – and Price is secondary if they are getting result-oriented quality products (be it skin care, make-up, etc). Teens will go that extra mile to make themselves look presentable...!

Amu said... @ March 11, 2010 at 3:36 PM

I do not totally agree with you musical. Today teenagers are spending a lot on make-up & cosmetics! I have a teen sis :) she spends more than me on her looks :D

Anonymous said... @ August 20, 2010 at 7:42 PM

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