Easy Wearable Metallics is what the Zoya Spring 2010 Reverie Collection is all about.

Laney (ZP607) - moonlit silver metallic
Adina (ZP608) - duo chrome violet metallic with green reflects
Reece (ZP609) - gilded rose metallic / deep pink with gold reflects
Happi (ZP610) - pink blush metallic with gold reflects
Gwin (ZP611) - sunny melon / bright coral metallic
Lana (ZP612) - reddish orange metallic

I'm trying to decide which one I should wear on my fingers and which one on my toes. Help me out, will ya ?

As always the formulas are excellent ! I also thought these dried a lot faster than my other Zoya polishes. Look at Adina - so pretty. Green reflects are so not my thing but paired with that shade of violet they look at-home on my fingers.

Reece reminds me of Drew from Truth Collection.

As for Laney - I have big thing for silver nail polishes.
Big big thing.
As big as my thing for Jon Hamm is...

At the end of swatching my fingers turned a pale white. All the blood had drained out of my fingers from the cold . To get some some light in I had to keep my door open and that meant letting in the 20 degree weather. At least for the sake of swatching I cant wait for Spring to get here ...

Which one was your favorite shade ? ( poll available only on the site. Email subscribers will have to get on the blog to see the poll)

Indian Girl

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niky said... @ January 10, 2010 at 9:46 AM

Adina is SO pretty! I haven't seen anything like it before! That's gotta be my favourite one.
Happi looks SO pretty on your finger!

amy@cafemakeup.com said... @ January 11, 2010 at 8:06 PM

Thanks so much for posting these! For some reason, your swatches have really helped me choose more than the other's I've seen. Sorry you got so cold!! (but thanks!) :)

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