I kid you not. This is about giving your foundation a much needed energy boost.

Which in turn gives your face a shot of something like Emergen C.

Which in turn makes you look & feel warmer and radiant.

Which in turn makes the world a warmer place.

Which is all we want.

This should be called the ripple effect.
Makes science so much more interesting.
To kick off this glorious cycle you begin by placing a dose of gel or creme bronzer on the back of your hand. Now adjacent to the bronzer you place a dose of your creme liquid foundation.

Mix it and spread it all over your face and neck. I simply use my fingers.
Clean ones only.

The products that work for me are St. Tropez Radiance Mousse and Becca Luminous Skin Color.

The St. Tropez Radiance mousse is some good stuff bro.
You've gotto try it bro.
You've got to bro.

Sorry. That's my Jersey Shore withdrawal syndrome ...

I love my Becca foundation but I always thought it missed a little something. A bit of warmth may be ? And somehow adding bronzer to it makes a huge difference in how pretty it looks.

This is also a great way to warm up your winter foundation for spring.
Nobody wants to look pale in spring ! GLT baby. GLT !

Indian Girl


preeti said... @ February 2, 2010 at 2:32 AM

Hey IG! nice post! I was talking to a MUA in Sephora and she told me that dabbing some bronzer over the foundation on the chin area(my problem area) would warm up the area and counteract the greyness...I dont know if you remember, but I had asked you if you could suggest something to help with the greyish tint after applying foundation on the chin area....

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