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Almost every brand out there offers an option where you can sign up for their newsletter. This way every time they have a sale, a discount, a new value kit - anything, they'll sed an email out to you ! And you stay on top their holiday , deals and discounts.

Some of the newsletters that I subscribe for are Macys, Ulta, Three Custom Color Specialists, Prescriptives, Benefit and a few more.

Check local drugstores for weekly discounts

My local drugstores are CVS & Walgreens. On both their websites there is an option where I can enter my zipcode and check out their weekly deals on everything from chocolates to makeup !

Pick a few blogs & follow them

Bloggers try and stay on top of trends and industry news - this includes friends & family events, holiday kits , value sets and everything else in between. Pick a handful of bloggers who talk about what you are interested in , book mark their pages or have them on google reader or subscribe to their daily feeds. They do all the work and bring concise information to you !

Get On Twitter & Follow Your Favorite Brands

Most brand shave their own twitter account. They want to get the word out on their current deals just as much as you wanna know about them ! Just yesterday I got a coupon code - $2 off Loreal Telescopic Explosion ! Score !

Source Discount & Bulk Stores

I have written a lot about Big Lots on this blog. They have some great deals on Revlon, L'Oreal, ELF , Curel and several other beauty / makeup brands here. You can stuff those stocking till they can handle no more !Other similar stores for bargain shopping are Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall's. By bulk stores I meant was the one and only - COSTCO. I've never found Stila, Dior or anything awesome here. But some people have been very lucky. Any that might just be you !

Save on stocking stuffers - Gift BIG.

Gifting is great ! But you don't have to take out a loan just so you could gift somebody something ! Save on the smaller things like Stocking stuffers and use that to make a bang with your one big gift !

Its not about hoarding.

Find & buy only what works best for you. There are too many deals but not everything is tailored to suit your needs.

Please move on to the next step while I write myself a note here

That lipgloss set you are eyeing - is not made for you. The frosty beige will never look on you. The milky pink has never been your thing. Ad the ed with blue sparkles will not make your teeth look whiter.

As for your loved ones, its not just about gifting its also about finding something special for them.

And the only person who can tell you what is special is your loved one. Listen. I'm sure they are dropping hints. Or they are probably making gift lists like my sister does.

Every year before her birthday she hands over a list to the family. It has everything she needs so we can make it special for her by gifting it to her. The surprise element is still there - she doesn't know which ones shez getting. Her lists usually includes twenty or more items. And she'd get only three if it isn't for my very generous mom.

What are the little ways in which you make the best of holiday shopping madness ?

Indian Girl


Kizzy said... @ December 4, 2009 at 12:02 PM

Thanks for this! :-)

I personally love the newsletters I receive in my email!

Divija Reddy said... @ December 6, 2009 at 10:09 PM

200% agreed :)I am a bargain shopper, so I subscribe to the brands I use or love to use...

quite informative, girlie. thanx a bunch...

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