Smashbox has plenty of gifts you can - wish for . But not like you are going to get em.

Sorry that's just me being mean.

What I meant is though the wonderful folks at Smashbox say Wish for these....what they actually mean is - these are available for sale, they are a great value just like you wished for....

But is this a value pack ?
Leave that to Detective IG to figure out. She is a self proclaimed Lipgloss Math Guru.

2 full size glosses (.20 fl oz) - $18 x 2 = $36
4 travel size glosses (.14 fl oz) - $12.60 x 4 = $50.40
Total = $86.40

( but they say $96. Am I wrong ? Darn it, I should have checked before self proclaiming anything. But you forgive me, dontcha.)

Just For You Price = $ 29

I guess that's a deal !

The Bobbi Brown full size glosses are $20 for 0.14 fl oz which is Smashbox's travel size - Just another Lip gloss trivia I like to throw around.

Shades : (their description vs. mine)

POUT - baby doll pink or a milky pink with a hint of lavender (the color)
LUSTER - sheer golden pink or a champagne with smallest hint of pink
TEASE - juicy raspberry or a sheer deep pink
CANDY - cotton candy pink - Spot on, Mr. !
AURA - shimmery pink nude - Again, well done !
RADIANT - shimmery pink plum - You're getting the hang of this, arntcha !

L to R : Pout, Luster, Tease, Aura, Candy, Radiant

They are all mostly sheer shades except Radiant & Tease. There are degrees of sheerness and generally every color is extremely wearable making it a good choice for almost anybody. As with all Smashbox glosses I've tried they are not totally non sticky.

Buy the whole kit and gift it or rip it apart and tie a pretty bow around each gloss and use it as a stocking stuffer. Anything works in this house ! What happens in yours ?

Indian Girl


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