Great guesses Ladies ! It is Jennifer Aniston !

Word on the street is that Jen's long time hairstylist, Chris McMillian uses Shu Uemura Art Of Hair ESSENCE ABSOLUE on her hair after he blow dries it straight. Hence the sexy, shiny, straight, to die for hair !

The secret ingredient in this hair elixir is liquid gold.

Of course there is an-also-known-as coming. You didn't really think they'd sell liquid gold for $65, did you ? (If that was the case we Indians wouldn't be hoarding gold as we do ! )

Liquid Gold also known as Camellia Oil.ESSENCE ABSOLUE has been designed as a multi-use elixir, for repairing dry hair on an individual basis in the following ways:

1- Intensely hydrating leave-in conditioner for very dry/damaged hair
2- Pre-shampoo treatment for deep, nourishing care
3- Protection during color application, adding shine, moisture and elasticity to processed lengths & ends
4- Use in summer time as protective oil against the sun's harmful rays (UV filter)
5- Ultra-shine finisher along lengths and ends

I love products that can be used both pre and post washing, on dry and wet hair. I'm all about multi tasking !

Word on the street is also that the product is now sold out everywhere in the world ! They plan to produce lots more and have them available very soon so we can all have Jen Aniston hair. And if you really really want it , you can get on a wait list here

Word on the street is that when anything requires you to be on a wait list, it almost always is going to be a great experience ! Remember getting on a wait list every semester just so you could have classes with hot professor who rode to school on a Harley Davidson ?

But then of course, I don't know anything about the word on the street.

I got in on the first try. Jealous much ?

And as far as the Love Happens poster in the background goes, lets just say - Everything Happens For A Reason.

Indian Girl


Awiii said... @ November 19, 2009 at 4:49 AM

Nice to know. I can't wait to hear your review after you use the product!

Sherieda said... @ December 28, 2009 at 6:09 AM

Do you know of any samples that you can try before you spend a bunch of money on this stuff?

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