Wow !

The girl sure can sing ! Err...or is that talk. Talks ess.ee.ex.why .
And the guy though not cute has a nice voice. I love the pudy cat talk.
I get the feeling that Brad Pitt lovers might like him.

Lemme get to the point. I'd like somebody to tell me which lipstick and gloss she has on. And the number to her dentist please.

Is there somebody ??

Anybody ?

I know you're out there...

Indian Girl


Plastic Pearls said... @ November 9, 2009 at 9:34 AM

I loved all of her looks! and I agree, her lipstick/gloss were PERFECT. I especially loved her look in the elevator! SO HOTT! I'm gonna have to play with my hair and makeup to see if I can achieve that look. lol

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