Hiya Ladies !

Happy December ! Gosh I missed y'all ! I missed writing. Just a whole lotta missing happening .

As promised its Avon's turn today . Every now and then I try something from Avon and I'm reminded about how terribly underrated the brand is. When I was younger, to me Avon was not cool. But not anymore, I think they make some great stuff in makeup and skincare !

The U by Ungaro for Avon Lipstick in Glam is a Fuchsia pink - absolutely fabulous texture and finish. I have a lot of mauve tones in my lips naturally so the lipstick comes off looking a lot more fuchsia on me. But if you have pale lips or lips with more red in it , this one will turn into a pretty pink. Add a winter hat and you'll be cutest little thing on your street !

The Face Shimmer Powder is actually blush. A hot pink center surrounded by a nude mauve powder. Check that color out in action ! Personally I am feeling this on tanned/Medium / medium Dark / Dark skin tones. It might be a bit much on lighter skin tones unless you have a feather light hand. Blending the two shades makes for a very easy blush color.

The hot pink is too pretty for words. It has me all giggly like I was sitting at The Rodeo looking at TX /Oklahoma cowboys in their firm fitting wranglers and cowboy hats battling it out in the ring.

I'd do anything for that sight...Gosh, the wranglers...

The Eyeshadow in Glam is a golden champagne color that fits perfectly into the collection ( I watch Project Runway, okay.). Except the texture is terribly crumbly and glittery. I used it as an all over color on my eyes three days back and I can still see huge chunks of glitter at random spots on my face.

Not a good look even in a glitter friendly state like TX.

If you plan on checking these out a good order to follow would be - lipstick - blush - eyeshadow or just lipstick - blush.

In Other News...

Thank you for sharing all your songs ! I'm gonna share mine now. Its a ridiculously cute song . The singer of this song tweeted about her new song and that's how I caught on to it !

Gist of the song : Nerd boy likes the popular girl at school. He sings about his love but reminds himself that they are too different so love is impossible.

Bit cheesy. But hey Cheese is good and yummy !

Indian Girl

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Cynthia Zacharica. said... @ December 2, 2009 at 3:30 AM

Wow ~ Priyanka looks hot here...n lol at Uday :D Love the song..haven't watched cable in like 2 months so I've lost touch with bollywood.
Now let's get back to make-up..these look impressive..love the lipstick packaging n the blush. I was just about to ask about the weird design on the powders..then realized it's a U..:)

josie said... @ December 2, 2009 at 6:53 AM

i nw this sounds a bit off but i HATE hindi songs nowdays! should i even call it hindi song? 50 -75% of the song is english.and that really pisses me off.hindi is not good enough?i personally love the language and when i want to hear a hindi song i dont want english mixed in like this.im okay with 1 or 2 lines but this too much..
i'm just stating a fact. i just dont like the path Indian movie industry is going and i would love to see a DDLJ or kal hoo na hoo type movie.
P.S. i nw this is long and im sorry for that..and im also sorry if this offends anyone.

Husha said... @ December 2, 2009 at 8:40 AM

Omigosh that is the prettiest shade of pink ever, it actually suits you sooo much~

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