So, I wake up late this morning to see what in my mail box ? News that I can now try out sunglasses at Taaz ! Boy, do I love some lazy Sunday Taaz games !

Remember when I tried out several hairstyles on it before I got my big hair cut ? It was a person , instead it was this software that convinced me to get bangs done. And I don't regret it one bit. Softwares hardly ever lie .

Apart from makeup and hair they have now added a new feature that allows one to try out
. You simply upload a picture, adjust the points to fit your face and start playing ! Its amazing coz I could adjust the length of the hinge depending on the angle of my face in the picture, the size - everything ! For now I guess they have around 25 pairs of glasses which cover a majority of the basic designs.

My favorite as always were the aviators. I have several pairs of them and never get tired of the classic design's beauty. I've been longing to buy a pair of wayfarers for a while now and Taaz has almost convinced me not to. Atleast not the ones from Ray Ban. I think I'd rather go with the oversize Pradas.

To me the best part was seeing the glasses on me for as long as I want and decide if it really looks great on moi or not. Unlike in the stores where you have about a minute before the pesky sales person comes around & starts talking " Oh you should get it. Looks great on you !"He is only doing his job but I'd rather be on my own when I'm doing something as personal as ogling at myself in those gorgeous pair of shades !

Hopefully more designs will be added soon ! Go on try it and lemme know what your favorite style was !!

Indian Girl


Anonymous said... @ October 5, 2009 at 1:41 AM

Love aviators too ! They are just the sexiest !
- Anu

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