Three months back when I received the Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner my first thought was - Finally, Its About Time ! I had a very good experience with their styling cream that was released earlier this year and I was so looking forward to checking out their shampoos and conditioners. If I could eliminate frizz with just shampoo & conditioner, I wouldn't need a styling frizz fighting product ! Lesser product, more happy me !

Its Been Rocky

Unfortunately the only phrase that describes my relationship best would be - Rocky Relationship. I try and keep away from any sort of negativity on the blog. Its just very draining. But this product was requested for a review a few times and so I decided to share my experience with it.

It was literally a wavy graph. One week I had average good hair, the next week bad. Absolutely no consistency. But throughout the time ( 8 - 10 washes) I never had super duper awesome blossom hair nor did I have parched dry fibers. It fluctuated between good and bad, not great and worst. So in the end because I didn't know what I was gonna get on a particular wash I stopped using it.

What I Liked

The two things I liked was the packing and the scent. The product comes in the one of a kind rubbery bottle that you can easily squeeze and feels so soft in your hands. The scent is the same scent that is in their styling creams - heavenly.

I have heard several other bloggers having very good experience with it. So, if you are interested in trying I'd recommend checking out the 2 oz bottles that cost $10 instead of the 8oz ones which cost $24. I still continue to use their styling products but have given up the shampoo and conditioner.

Price - $24 (8oz)
- Sephora
- Frizz Fighting Shampoo & Conditioner For Hair.
Position Love,
Indian Girl


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