Key Word : Foam

Dear old readers,

No, not by age.

Just by how long you've know me.

Now that we have that cleared, lemme try again.

Dear old readers,
By now, you probably know why I am writing a post on How To Make Your Own Foaming Hand Soap. You know all about my love for foam. So I promise I wont go into it again.

Dear new readers,
Hi ! My name is Indian Girl and I love foam. So follow on if you wanna learn How To Make Your Own Foaming Hand Soap or if you simply want to get more out of your shower gel.



Things Needed

1 empty bottle of previously used foaming hand soap
1 bottle of your favorite shower gel


This is how we do it.

Take your empty old foaming hand soap bottle.
Haha. I used the empty bottle of my beloved Korres foaming cleanser.

Fill a quarter of it with your favorite shower gel.
I used the Papaya Shower Gel from Qtica. Its got a pleasant fruity scent.

Fill the rest of it with water. Screw back on its pump.

Done ! Get ready to enjoy your favorite shower gel as a foaming hand soap !

Indian Girl


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