The scary vampires are from The Vampire Diaries , of course. This is my take on their blood shot eyes. It took about 5 minutes to do this . I don't think any more time should be spent on a Halloween look. In 10 minutes of entering the party you're gonna be drunk and then everybody looks just the same - hardly scary.

Oh yeah - this is tanned vampire. Go figure.

Also the look is cheap.

Products Used :

NYC Maximum Boost Volumizing Mascara - Blackberry Brandy
Julie Hewett Cheekie - Vampie
Julie Hewett Lip Liner - Sin Noir
Revlon Golden Affair Blush - Merlot At Midnight
Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow - Freakshow

Description :

1. Start off with no concealer. (yay!)
2. Its all about not getting anything right.
3. Apply a purple/ wine cream shadow / blush all over your eyes and under the eyes. Lightly dab it all over. Should not be neat.
I cannot stress that enough.
I used Julie Hewett Vampie
4. Use a deep red blush / eyeshadow. Load it onto a fluffy brush and dust it all over eyes and below it.
I used Revlon Blush - Merlot At Midnight.
5. Using the same fluffy brush, load the deep purple shadow onto the brush. Dust it along the outer corner of your eye. Also using a thinner brush, layer it along your lower lash line - thick unruly line.
6. Take the red mascara and run it on your brows, tinting them to a deep red. Tint your lashes as well.
I used NYC Maximum Boost Volumizing Mascara - Blackberry Brandy
7. Take the red mascara goop , load it onto a thing eyeliner brush and draw the veins.
8. Or you could just roll the mascara wand under your eye and along the edges for a crazy red pattern and drop some goop here and there.
The goop is important.
Very important.
9.Line your lower lash line, water line with a red / copper eye pencil.
I used Julie Hewett Lip Liner - Sin Noir
10. Take some mascara goop and apply it on the corner of your mouth to mimic dripping blood.
Use a deep wine / red shade on your lips.
I used Julie Hewett - Vampie

That's it !

The only time mascara goop comes in handy.

The veins on my right eye.

The mascara pattern + goop on left eye.
Its all about giving my readers a choice.
Nobody is talking about the quality of the choices offered.

Indian Girl


Hampers said... @ October 27, 2009 at 9:38 AM

The look is very scary. It can terrify kids easily. can't believe, it's a matter of 5 minutes. I thought it should have taken atleast 30 minutes to create this look

Ann said... @ October 27, 2009 at 10:52 PM

brilliant! Keep rockin Indian girl!

Husha said... @ October 28, 2009 at 11:39 AM

It's definitely creepy! Like your eyes got stabbed.

I'm gonna suggest this to my little brother bcuz he loves dressing up and scaring people. He uses ketchup and lipstick to paint on scars and stuff...so bleeding vampire is right up his alley..
He was a bleeding pirate last time..eugh.

Cuttysark said... @ October 17, 2013 at 2:53 PM

Nice blog! Thanks for sharing Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas . More power to your blog!

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