Over the years I have resigned myself to a few facts

1. I am not creative with my hair styling

2. My hair wont budge

3. I love donuts.

4. Its much easier to love your mom when you're 25 than when you were 16.

And a few more on boys but that's another story for another time.

Back To The Hair

Since the hair did not curl, wave, twist or do anything other than laying flat out straight, I did not spend a lot of time trying to mend it. However I decided to give it one last try after reading several super reviews of the T3 PRO EverTwirl Curling Iron. The pink color helped a lot too.

In short - its brilliant ! I did not lose one strand of hair through the entire process of curling my hair. No tangling or getting caught in the crevices of the iron. This was major for me because a lot of irons break a few hair strands when you are pulling the iron out of the curl. This really is super.

Be Consistent For Tight Curls

The curling iron is long. Really long. You can fit a lot of hair into it at a time. hence making it great for people with long and thick hair. I twirled my hair onto the iron , let the clip rest on it and waited for 10 seconds. Tadaa - gorgeous tight curls ! I really was amazed because though my hair has "waved" in the past there never really was any curl. I went about curling all my hair. I really wanna say the end result was short tight curls all over but I really wasn't consistent So my end result was a mixture of curls and waves. Nevertheless I was thrilled !

The mixture of tourmaline and silver that is infused into iron is responsible for the softness of the hair in the end. I have had my hair curled professionally in the past and it was a nightmare. My hair was curly but full of frizz. However this mixture helps control frizz and keeps it to a bare minimum giving me a soft luscious curl instead of one that resembles a thorny climber.

Controls Frizz On Dry Hair !

Since I did not dare go out with half curly half wavy hair, I brushed my hair lightly at the end to looses up the curls. I was left with gorgeous gorgeous big wavy hair. To control the volume and add some shine I reached out to the Ellin Lavar Instant Shine - a frizz fighting, shine enhancing mist.

I have tried a few anti frizz products in the past but they have all been ones that were recommended to be used on freshly washed wet hair. I hated that because on wet hair I can hardly tell if there is frizz. And I don't wanna add product until I know I absolutely need it. If you agree with me on this , you mush check out the magic that the Ellin Lavar Instant Shine is.

Invisible, Man !

You use it on dry hair ; AKA hair that is not freshly washed / wet. And for my huge mass of hair all I needed was three small squirts. After lightly spraying it onto my hair, I bend down pull all the hair in front of my face and give a good mix so it gets distributed all over.

The problem however is its invisible. You cannot feel the product, man ! This also is the best thing about the mist ! Its like a vaporizing ghost of a product. Just vanishes into thin hair. Only reason I know it exits is the shine and softness it leaves behind. For all of $7.99 it is a marvelous product. 100 % better than most other anti frizz ones I have used. If you are not one for stay in place crunchy curls, trash the hair spray and go for a shine mist like this one. Makes the curls a lot more softer and believable. I STRONGLY recommend it.

The pic above was taken two days after my curling / styling. As you see, I still had the shine and the gorgeous big Sienna Miller like waves going. It wasn't until I washed it that it vanished. These two products are truly a perfect combo for my hair unruly stubborn mass of hair !

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