There were several shows this season that concentrated on statement lips. There were cool purples, bright reds, deep brick reds, wine reds, gray lips, girly pink ones, lots of nude lips and bright orange puckers !

The Trend It - All about Lips series is just that. We are gonna see how we can bring to real life all these gorgeous runway pucker trends ! Lets start with the Bright Orange Lips. Nothing new for AIMB readers. We've discussed the beauty of this brilliant color many times before.

Super bright oranges were seen this season at Rebecca Taylor Show & The Twinkle by Wenlan Show.

Five More Ways To Do The Bright Orange Lips In Real Life

1. Orange are a little intimidating but wearing an orange with a bit of a red to it will make it so much more easier. Especially given the season !

2. To tone it further down add a bit of a shiny clear / shimmery gloss on top but tone down the color and up the shine !

3. To take one more notch down add a peach gloss like Julie Hewett Chloe so make it a peachy orange. Now, that will a lot more easier !

4. Two notches down - apply the orange / orange red lipstick on your lips. Take a slightly damp paper towel, place it in between your lips and press . Do this a couple of times till you achieve your desired intensity. I sometimes do this for the stained effect. Works like a charm !

5. The easy and important part is to keep the rest of your face clean with just a hint of bronzer on key areas. Let the orange lips get all the attention !

For plenty of recommendations and swatches of some of the best orange shades, check out my previous post here. It doesn't get easier than this !

My favorite orange - red lipstick is Julie Hewett - Belle Noir. Its beyond fabulous !

Indian Girl


♥akisa♥ said... @ September 22, 2009 at 4:51 AM

great post!! Although I think I'll give this orange shade a miss. I already have a coral orange from Stila called 'Miranda' which is orange enough for me already, hahaha..

An Indian's Makeup Blog ! said... @ September 22, 2009 at 6:14 AM

Hi doll !

I'm gonna have to try Stila Miranda ! It looks gorgeous on ya and seems like its very wearable.Yup the JH Belle Noir is bit "out there" kinda shade. I always tone it down if I have to wear it. But I just love how great it looks in pics !

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