An interesting mascara.

Interesting mascara that works !

Works like a charm !

Its Spherical

The L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara has this sphere for a brush that we first saw with Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara, sometime last year. So glad to finally find a drugstore version of it because I cannot bring myself to spend $28 on a mascara.

The sphere is an excellent idea. It is small enough to reach my teeny tiny inner lashes, color them and lift them up ! As for the rest of the lashes, the ball slides easily under them to lift them up, add volume, lengthen and separate ! The lengthening is not phenomenal. More like above average. But the lift is super extreme which makes up for the lack of lengthening. My lashes went from bent down and droopy to straight up and curly !

The formula is totally non clumpy, light and applies very easily. Its almost like a gel instead of a thick cream. There is some suction at the top which pulls out all the excess goop from the tiny brush.

The wand is really really long. If it were me, I'd shorten it by an inch or two for better control but then it would become an exact copy of Phenomen'Eyes. Now, where's the fun in that !

How To Apply

Place the ball under the lashes and just slide upwards. No wiggly movements. Just slide upwards. I usually start from the inner corner moving upwards and outwards.

However its easy to lose track of time while coating your lashes with this magic ball. You keep wanting to reach every lash, curl and lengthen them. And, you have so much fun while at it that before you know, you'd have spent ten minutes. And then its all rush rush rush !!!

Overall, this is one of my most favorite L'Oreal mascaras ever - its light, soft, easy to use with superlative lift capabilities !

Price - $8.99
- CVS, Walgreens
Purpose - Mascara with a spherical ball brush
- Love,
Indian Girl


Doreen said... @ September 24, 2009 at 11:46 AM

Wow! Thanks for the heads up on this...I'm totally checking it out next time. I have dense, heavy lashes that could use some lift, and hopefully it works on me, too!

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