Face Cleanser - Fullers earth + Water
Body Cleanser - Chick Pea Flour + Turmeric + Milk
Face Moisturizer - Olive Oil on a damp face
Night Face Moisturizer - Coconut Oil on a damp face
Body Moisturizer - cheated and used a organic moisturizer. My elbow was itching non stop, man.

Are you going natural with me, this week ? If not, you're welcome to join in anytime ! Here is a list of everyday products to get you started !

Indian Girl


Anonymous said... @ September 3, 2009 at 11:40 PM

i love the all natural thing, but i'm also concerned about sun protection! I came upon the following link randomly. Thought it was of interest, but i'm a bit dubious too. I'm used to using SPF 55 and up, so I can't see myself slathering any kind of oil on my skin as my sole protection. Minimal contact (or sleeves, sunglasses, and hats...but it is HOT in CA!) with the sun seems like the way to go.


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